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Technicolor® to Showcase High Dynamic Range Innovations at NAB 2024



V-Nova NAB 2024

LAS VEGAS – Mar. 12, 2024 – The Advanced HDR by Technicolor team (including representatives from InterDigital and Philips) will be on hand at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas April 13-17, to demonstrate solutions that support the bandwidth-efficient distribution of high dynamic range (HDR) video for any type of content streaming service provider or live broadcast production workflow.

“NAB 2024 will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the significant progress Advanced HDR by Technicolor is making both in terms of industry adoption and new technological innovations,” said Valérie Allié, Video Solutions Group Director at InterDigital

Advanced HDR by Technicolor solutions will be demonstrated in several different venues throughout the conference, including: 

  • ATSC – W3056, West Hall  
  • Ultra HD Forum – W4007, West Hall 
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor Meeting Room – W2476, West Hall (Invitation only) 

InterDigital’s David Touzé will also present at a session titled, HDR-SDR conversion: Live HDR Single Master Production Conversion Interoperability Challenges, during the Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference on Tuesday, April 16 from 10:00 AM – 10:20 AM PST in room W222-W223.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor spokespeople will be available to discuss the latest developments at this year’s NAB event, including:

  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor is currently the only solution delivering HDR broadcasts in any content, anytime, anywhere over the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC 3.0) NEXTGEN TV stations.
  • Beyond the broadcast sector, Advanced HDR by Technicolor is gaining traction with over-the-top (OTT) streaming service providers because of the fact that it’s the only solution that accommodates any HDR source and delivers it as an 8-bit SDR file (with metadata), allowing service providers to offer consumers HDR quality on their TVs at very low bandwidth.
  • The solution enables end-to-end HDR and SDR production with a single master workflow and ensures optimal source fidelity on both SDR-to-HDR and HDR-to-SDR conversions.
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor does not have any artifacts – like “banding” – while streaming in 8-bit and allows streaming providers to deliver HDR images using High Definition (HD) technology that matches the 4K (UHD) experiences without the overhead associated with UHD distribution requirements.
  • From a long-term sustainability standpoint, the single-workflow/single-stream distribution features of Advanced HDR by Technicolor means that it uses fewer resources and less energy than alternatives, reducing the carbon footprint profiles of broadcasters and OTT providers that deploy the solution.
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor remains the only solution capable of supporting dynamic conversion processes (as opposed to depending on static LUTs) when delivering premium HDR and SDR content without compromising the original HDR content.
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor maximizes dynamic range and color volume in HDR without compromising SDR content delivery.
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor leverages machine learning to automate the management of image quality as lighting conditions change during live productions.

To schedule briefings or demonstrations at the ATSC booth click here and to schedule a briefing or demonstration at the Ultra HD Forum booth click here.