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Evertz Adds JPEG XS To Its Versatile NEXX Processing & Routing Platform



Evertz Adds JPEG XS To Its Versatile NEXX

The company’s new NEXX-IO-JXS card offers unparalleled performance and flexibility for JPEG XS encoding and decoding.

Burlington, Canada. April 11th 2024: Evertz, a global leader in broadcast solutions, has added JPEGXS to its NEXX next-generation processing and routing platform, which will be on show at NAB 2024 onboothSU2027.

The NEXX is a complex, processing-capable 12G-SDI routing platform that is available in two frame options (3RU and 5RU) and supports 12G-SDI routing in the 5RU frame. The NEXX platform also supports advanced processing modules that expand on its capabilities, which include frame synchronization, up/down/cross conversion, IP gateways and advanced multiviewers. MAGNUM-OS controls and monitors NEXX via a common control and management interface that simplifies the configuration and operation of the system. NEXX is a versatile and scalable solution that supports a wide range of applications and workflows for broadcast and media production.

At NAB 2024, Evertz will launch NEXX-IO-JXS, a universal IO module that offers unparalleled performance and flexibility for JPEG XS encoding and decoding for any format and interface. JPEGXS is the industry’s leading standard for lightweight, low-latency and high-quality video compression that is ideal for remote production and transporting high-resolution video signals.

The NEXX-IO-JXS module supports multiple channels of uncompressed video (up to 8K) over SMPTE ST2110 and SDI interfaces, as well as JPEG XSTR-07 and TR-08 profiles. The NEXX-IO-JXS card supports SMPTE ST2022-7 for a seamless decoding solution, audio embedding and de-embedding, ancillary data processing and built in frame synchronization. The NEXX-IO-JXS can be utilized with the new NEXX-XC-B1, the latest in Evertz’ cross point breakout options, or with Evertz’ newNEXX-XC-E1expansion cross point, thus allowing for further routing flexibility.

“With the introduction of JPEG XS, we are expanding the capabilities and possibilities of our flexible NEXX platform,” said Rajvir Singh, Technical Product Manager of Compression Systems at Evertz. “JPEG XS is a game-changer for IP-based video production, as it delivers the same quality as uncompressed video 3G, 4K, 8K with much lower bandwidth requirements, low latency, while being color space agnostic and utilizing a small footprint. Our NEXX-IO-JXS card doubles the density of our previous generation offering, the ev670-X45-HW.”

To find out more please visit Evertz at NAB 2024-Booth SU2027. Alternatively, visit our website at