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Sky Deutschland Deploys Mediaproxy LogServer for 22 Sports Channels

Sky Deutschland Deploys Mediaproxy LogServer



Sky Deutschland Deploys Mediaproxy LogServer
Sky Deutschland Deploys Mediaproxy LogServer

Sky Deutschland Deploys Mediaproxy LogServer for 22 Sports Channels | As part of a systems overhaul, Sky Deutschland strengthens its IP-based architecture strategy and compliance commitments with Mediaproxy LogServer solution.

Melbourne, Australia – Mediaproxy, the global standard for software-based IP compliance solutions, has supplied its LogServer logging platform to Sky Deutschland to replace a previous recording set-up for their Sports Channels. The installation was part of the broadcaster’s general overhaul of the technology infrastructure at its broadcast center in Unterföhring near Munich.

Sky Deutschland Deploys Mediaproxy LogServer

Sky Deutschland broadcasts 22 Sports channels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, including a sports news service and dedicated coverage of the German and Austrian Bundesliga, plus European and international events. In all this it has a legal responsibility to record its output for compliance purposes.

Because the system being used for this had reached the end of its operational life and was no longer supported, the broadcaster began looking not only for a replacement but also something that would improve on what had been used before. After seeing what was available on the market, Sky Deutschland selected LogServer because it offers the improved functionality and new features that were needed, as well as fitting in with Sky’s IP-based architecture strategy.

As a new user of Mediaproxy’s technology, Sky Deutschland worked with the platform provider to ensure that it would be possible to use its existing mezzanine distribution streams for the inputs into LogServer. Part of this involved developing a plug-in that allowed Sky to utilize its As-Run logs for registering the recordings made in LogServer. This was done to make it easier for those using the system to find, log and extract recordings of the events they are looking for.

“The ability to configure our company-wide Single Sign-on also helped us in getting users registered and on to the system securely,” comments Gerd Riedel, head of origination and on-air graphics development at Sky Sport Deutschland. “Overall, we’ve found LogServer to be extremely user-friendly with an easy-to-use interface and the ability to search for and view ancillary data such as closed captions and SCTE messages. As well as this, the licence model allows us to have an unlimited number of users with “Active Directory” for sign-in. On a technical level the system has good encoding quality at low bit rates.” Mediaproxy’s chief executive Erik Otto adds, “We are delighted to have Sky Deutschland as a new client for LogServer. They had very specific requirements for recording and logging and we were happy to work with them to ensure that all their technical and compliance needs were catered for.”

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