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5G BROADCASTING Direct-to-Mobile

XGen Network (XGN) is showcasing live 5G Broadcast Direct-to-Mobile technology at the upcoming NAB Show Las Vegas 2024. Operating under experimental licenses granted by the FCC, 5G Broadcasting uses current broadcast transmitters paired with a 5G Broadcast exciters and smart phones with software modified to receive 5G broadcasts. XGN broadcasts data directly into smartphones bypassing the need for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular service. Utilizing Band 108 (470MHz to 698MHz), as officially published by 3GPP in September 2023, and the revolutionary Fe-MBMS (Further evolved MBMS) protocol, XGN will broadcast data directly into smartphones, revolutionizing the landscape of connectivity. Being a worldwide standard, the global interest in 5G Broadcasting is burgeoning, with nations worldwide exploring experimental deployments.

In the United States, XGN is spearheading the field, deploying the world’s first 24/7 5G Broadcasting station, WWOO, in Boston on September 13, 2023. The proof of concept featured a streaming channel and demonstrated the delivery of emergency alerts to smartphones within ½ second. It also included a 5G Broadcast CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) receiver providing a pristine 1080p signal at 800 kbps, using Ateme processing, to a 65-inch television. This milestone underscores the immense potential of 5G Broadcasting. Building upon this success, XGN is set to launch two additional experimental 15kw, 5G Broadcast stations in the USA, paving the way for all LPTV stations to embrace the latest technological advancements.

As 5G Broadcast technology is still in its nascent stages, new technologies and protocols are being introduced weekly. Currently, Rohde & Schwarz and SYES offer 5G Broadcast solutions, which will be complemented by numerous other vendors and solutions in the coming year. The provisioning of smartphone software to receive 5G Broadcast is slated to roll out in various locations globally by 2025. XGN will be showing 5G Broadcasting Direct to Mobile through a licensed mini-station at NAB (W3849, West Hall, LVCC), April 14 – April 17, 2024. Visit for more details.