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Box to Box Films Extends Agreement with EditShare to Leverage MediaSilo

Box to Box Films Extends Agreement with EditShare



Box to Box Films Extends Agreement with EditShare

Box to Box Films Extends Agreement with EditShare | Boston, MA – 18 March 2024 — Box to Box Films, an Emmy® award winning producer of high end documentaries and factual entertainment, has extended its agreement with EditShare and will continue to leverage MediaSilo for delivering work-in-progress content to collaborators. The software allows clips and completed content to be distributed simply and securely, for viewing on any platform.

Box to Box Films Extends Agreement with EditShare

Box to Box is the producer behind the acclaimed documentary Diego Maradona, which chronicles the career of celebrated football player Diego Maradona. Its Formula 1: Drive to Survive inside motorsports documentaries reached series six on Netflix in February 2024. The company prides itself on its ability to create dynamic and dramatic narratives for international audiences.

For these and many more one-offs and series, each project is managed independently, with different managements, clients, post facilities and producers. MediaSilo gives Box to Box a ready way to distribute dailies and cuts, just to the team involved in that particular production. It provides a completely flexible storage space, allowing it to serve the requirements of different projects, and to allow multiple users to access it.

“On a typical project we would send a cut to maybe two bosses, three or four executive producers, showrunner and producer, post supervisors and more,” explained Box to Box technical editor Rafael Bettega. “We send the picture lock cut to the composer, and to the creative marketing people so they can plan and start the campaign as early as possible.”

“With MediaSilo we don’t need to worry about technology,” Bettega continued. “The users simply receive a review link with a video which they can access with a password, to play just by pressing the spacebar. No need to download additional software; no need to take up licences in an asset management system. And because of the two-factor security it is acceptable to the networks we’re partnering with, which prioritize secure methods for content transfer”.

Bettega first used MediaSilo on Amy in 2013, at the suggestion of the post house he was working with. It now uses the system for all its productions.

“This is the perfect application for MediaSilo,” said Eric Wynalek, EVP marketing & strategy at EditShare. “As massive fans of Box to Box’s productions like Drive to Survive and 6 Nations: Full Contact, we’re honoured to be an integral part of their workflow. Box to Box has a set of diverse users who need to collaborate on content securely, including protection with custom permissions and receipt of usage analytics. The interface allows groups to be set up for each project, with permissions set by user, so each clip and cut is sent to just the right people and the all-important feedback is received quickly.” For more information on MediaSilo and all EditShare solutions, please visit the website at

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