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Broadcast Bionics Announces CallerOne Update



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New this NAB, Bionics CallerOne SIP Line Integration with Existing WheatNet IP Audio Networked Facilities

CallerOne can now be added onto existing WheatNet IP audio networked facilities as an affordable solution for moving from POTS to SIP lines.

CallerOne is a SIP software interface that empowers on-air talent, call screeners, and producers to effortlessly manage calls. By adding it to existing WheatNet IP facilities, broadcasters benefit from lower SIP line costs while retaining their current call handling workflows.

In August 2022, the FCC removed requirements for ILECs to offer analog POTS lines at competitive rates. By October 2023, all remaining cost obligations were lifted. This spurred carriers to plan the decommissioning of outdated lines, aiming to end all PSTN lines by 2030. Broadcasters who rely on POTS lines for their talkshow systems will be facing hefty price hikes, if not now, then very soon.

CallerOne integrates directly into Wheastone’s WheatNet IP audio network as part of the telephone control panel used in Wheatstone consoles. Broadcasters can answer, screen and control calls right from the console surface or a browser interface.

CallerOne uses WheatNet IP audio drivers for routing caller audio and natively supports WheatNet IP GPIO for logic controls like any other element in the WheatNet IP audio networked studio. It handles multiple SIP lines; mix-minus and call conferencing are standard. Additionally, there is an option to subscribe to Broadcast Bionics’ webRTC client Anywhere to add HD remote contributor feeds directly into the system right alongside standard calls, perfect for reporting from OBs and sports events.

Integration into the AoIP system enables broadcasters to continue using their existing call handling workflows while transitioning to a more cost-effective SIP talkshow solution. Additional call screening positions can be set up with only a browser and headset, and two on-air studios can even share a single CallerOne system where needed. Broadcast Bionics’ innovative CallerOne software makes the transition to SIP painless, all while saving line costs, improving call quality, and opening the door to all digital has to offer.

CallerOne as part of the WheatNet IP audio network will be demonstrated at Broadcasters General Store booth (C2808) during the 2024 NAB Show.

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