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Lawo and Waves Integrate New SuperRack LiveBox with the mc² Mixing Platform

Waves SuperRack LiveBox is fully compatible with Lawo’s state-of-the-art mc² mixing consoles



Lawo and Waves Integrate New SuperRack LiveBox
Waves SuperRack LiveBox is fully compatible with Lawo’s state-of-the-art mc² mixing consoles

NAB Show, Las Vegas, NV, April 14, 2024 — Waves Audio, the premier supplier of world-renowned audio plugin solutions, and Lawo, manufacturer of superior-sounding and intuitive consoles as well as HOME Apps and a lot more, proudly announce that Waves SuperRack LiveBox, a cutting-edge hardware server showcased at the 2024 NAB Show and scheduled for release in April, is fully compatible with Lawo’s state-of-the-art mc² mixing consoles, providing intuitive flexibility and efficiency for live sound applications.

The integration of LiveBox with Lawo consoles empowers audio professionals with unparalleled control and flexibility, which includes access to, and control of, just about any studio-grade VST3 plug-in on the market—whether developed by Waves or by other vendors.

Subsequently, audio engineers are now free to spice up their console’s pristine audio quality with a host of creative possibilities. The long-standing partnership between Waves and Lawo means that all effects plugins hosted on the new SuperRack LiveBox can be controlled directly from a Lawo console with Snapshot-specific parameter saves and recalls. This further streamlines the live mixing process, enabling engineers to intuitively craft their soundscapes based on the convenience of AES67-based AoIP connections for seamless networking.

“We are proud to collaborate with Lawo once again to deliver innovative solutions that empower audio professionals,” says Noam Raz, General Manager, Live Division, at Waves.

“With Waves’ LiveBox and Lawo mc² audio consoles, users enjoy the result of Lawo’s commitment to taking our excellent partnership with Waves to the next level,” explains Christian Struck, Senior Product Manager, Audio Infrastructure, at Lawo. “Audio engineers can look forward to unbridled artistic license thanks to the ability to choose from an unlimited pool of effects. We can’t wait to hear the first results of this bold foray into uncharted territory.”

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