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Telos Alliance® Announces Omnia® Forza FM



Telos Alliance® Announces Omnia® Forza FM

Latest addition to the Omnia Forza family of software audio processors

Cleveland, Ohio (March 28, 2024) – Telos Alliance®, trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades, introduces Omnia® Forza FM, the latest member of the Forza family of software processors. 

Like the original Omnia Forza product for HD, DAB, and streaming audio – now branded as Forza HDS – Forza FM will be delivered as a container that can run on an on-premises COTS server or on a cloud-hosted platform such as AWS. 

Forza FM maintains the same five-band architecture, but its wideband and multiband processing stages have been optimized to meet the unique demands of FM radio. It features the same Frank Foti-designed “Silvio” clipper used in Omnia.11 and includes processing for HD-1 with a built-in diversity delay. The FM stereo generator will feed both µMPX and linear MPX over IP outputs.

Forza FM maintains the intuitive, straightforward, single-page HTML5 UI introduced with Forza HDS, making use of “smart controls” to adjust multiple parameters with a single control, ensuring less-experienced users can easily deliver a stellar on-air sound to their listeners while still providing the individual controls processing pros expect to fine-tune their audio. 

“As soon as we released Forza HDS at last year’s NAB, it was an instant hit for broadcasters who were looking for a way to make their audio streams stand out,” said Frank Foti, Omnia Founder and Chairman of the Board of Telos Alliance. “Ever since then, the excitement for a full FM version of Forza has been building, and I am pleased to make the official announcement of Forza FM to our loyal Omnia customers.” 

Omnia Forza FM is expected to be available in May 2024 through our worldwide network of Omnia partners.  To learn more about Omnia Forza, please visit

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