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Waves Audio and Sony Announce Collaboration



Waves Audio and Sony Announce Collaboration Between the Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer and the Sony Software Switcher M2L-X

NAB Show, Las Vegas, NV, April 14, 2024 — Waves Audio will be showcased at the Sony booth (Central Hall #C8201) during the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, where Sony will highlight the integration of the Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer with their advanced M2L-X live production switcher for software-based live production workflows.

This collaboration between Sony and Waves signifies a major advancement in cloud broadcast workflows, blending superior sound quality with advanced mix management for streamlined, flexible operations.

Sony’s M2L-X provides more flexibility and capability for customers’ production workflow, due to its forthcoming utilization of a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment.

This setup facilitates seamless integration with third-party applications like Audio Mixer, Graphix and multi-viewer, encouraging an open collaborative ecosystem. The M2L-X is specifically designed to address the evolving demands of professional live production within the B2B domain, where demand for content continues to expand. Particularly in scenarios such as multi-lingual international sports events and local sports content, the M2L-X stands out as the ideal solution. It caters to extensive scale live productions, providing adaptable workflows to accommodate current mid-to-large-scale live production challenges.

Waves’ Cloud MX is a premier cloud-based audio mixer, expertly designed for the challenges of modern broadcast environments. It delivers pristine audio, high-precision mix control, and creative processing capabilities, with full integration of Waves’ massive catalog of audio plugins – all in a scalable, remotely operated, broadcast-ready cloud workflow. Its smooth integration with Sony’s M2L-X vision switcher provides an optimal balance of high fidelity and operational efficiency, advancing the broadcasting industry’s move towards cloud production. This method emphasizes scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency, minimizing the need for on-premises resources and making broadcasting more accessible and economical for various entities.

Users can enjoy a fast, streamlined workflow in the cloud, with unmatched audio quality and updated features, including multiple touchscreen support allowing users to combine two Waves FIT Controllers to the same mixer for 32+2 faders and encoders per mix layer, or independently, where each FIT controls a mix layer of the user’s choice. Plugins are controlled directly from the Waves FIT controller (and/or Mackie/MIDI controllers) offering a tactile experience to mixing with plugins. Plugin parameters are auto-mapped to the FIT control surface, allowing users to mix with plugins hands-on, with zero manual setup.

Masakazu Murata, Sr. General Manager of Media Solutions Business, Sony Corporation comments, “Sony has been striving to deliver more efficient workflows through our Networked Live ecosystem, which includes solutions, products, services and partners, to transform live production by on-premise / cloud hybrid processing and operations with network connectivity. We are delighted to align the M2L-X software switcher and the Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer, as this collaboration helps us to achieve our goal and to empower our customers to produce high-quality content.”

Noam Raz, General Manager of Waves Live Division, comments, “Our partnership with Sony at NAB, showcasing interoperability between Sony’s M2L-X and Waves Cloud MX, underscores our dedication and collaborative efforts with production market leaders. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the industry during its stages of transitioning to cloud environments and workflows, while also reaffirming our position as pioneers in cloud-based audio solutions.”