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GB Labs to Present Unify Hub at NAB 2024

GB Labs to Present Unify Hub at NAB 2024 – VueTech News



GB Labs to Present Unify Hub at NAB 2024
GB Labs to Present Unify Hub at NAB 2024

GB Labs to Present Unify Hub | Stand SL5090, NAB, Las Vegas, April 13-17: GB Labs keeps an eye on the future with its innovative storage solution for media businesses to move gigabytes of data securely providing seamless post-production workflows 

GB Labs will be presenting its remote working solution, Unify Hub, which provides seamless post-production workflows for broadcasting and media teams, who need to store and access terabytes of data on-premise and connect with their remote and hybrid teams.  

For media businesses with a typical dispersed office or team environment, having Unify Hub as part of their on-premise solution will allow those teams to work together as one. 

Remote users can easily connect to their GB Labs on-premise storage via a lightweight app, Unify Hub Connect, which provides an entry point to a global unified file system and gives all users the ability to work securely on the same large format media files.
GB Labs is delighted to share how its long-standing customer, Elastic Group in Australia, is using Unify Hub to integrate and share media files, thereby helping to efficiently produce cutting-edge animation and production. 

The creative agency’s head office team in Sydney needed to establish multi-site workflows with the remote team based over 500 miles away in Melbourne. 

Arinne Liew, Head of Post-Production, Elastic Group said “Unify Hub has allowed our two offices in Sydney and Melbourne to collaborate in a much more seamless and timely way. Gone are the days of sending hard drives with terabytes of footage, as we can now work on the same projects, as if we were working off a single server. We are excited for Unify Hub to change the way we work, reducing the amount of project management administration, and utilising our team to its full capabilities.”

Some of the new features that have been developed for Unify Hub this year include:

  • OnePath’ – which provides a single identical file path, so that remote users can access exactly the same file paths as on-premise users, from any location.
  • In-flight and at rest encryption, SSO support and remote wipe features. 
  • On-premise caching for secondary locations – local teams are always able to access a ‘single point of truth’.  

No matter where your teams are working from, once remote users are connected to your on-premise storage, Unify Hub is the ‘glue’ that allows everyone to do what they need to do on workflows, launching in-progress projects with no re- linking and therefore saving businesses significant amounts of time. 

Explore GB Labs unique storage solution for seamless workflows at South Hall Lower SL5090 at NAB. 

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