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Perifery to Launch AI Powered Content Engine at NAB 2024




FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — April 2, 2024Perifery™, a division of DataCore, will launch its Intelligent Content Engine (ICE) at NAB Show 2024, booth SL2089. ICE is an advanced software platform that leverages unique AI agents and models to manage, organize, and curate media content such as images, videos, audio files, documents, and other multimedia assets. This groundbreaking approach significantly improves the efficiency, accuracy and impact of media asset searches compared to legacy solutions that rely on entered metadata.

In contrast to traditional media asset management (MAM) technologies, ICE acts as an AI Media Content Librarian by examining, understanding, and cataloging every file within its view, regardless of the existence of any traditional metadata. Powered by a simple conversational interface that you can speak to directly, ICE enables users to find and retrieve media files through natural language requests. Results are delivered based on AI understanding of the content, as well as a record of all of the objects, scenes, people, or text found within the image or video.

The intelligent content recognition technique provided by ICE helps users quickly find relevant assets based on content rather than relying on metadata, improving searchability and enhancing the accuracy of content recommendations. Users can also perform complex searches using conversational queries, filters, and contextual information. Clear justifications accompany search results, ensuring users to understand why each piece of content matches their query.

“At Perifery we are embracing a new era in media asset optimization,” said Abhijit Dey, General Manager of Perifery. “By harnessing emerging AI technologies and prioritizing the human experience, we can move the industry forward from passive data management to dynamic content ecosystems. Our intelligent storage solutions represent a paradigm shift towards proactive content management, where we can unlock new possibilities for monetization and productivity, while working seamlessly with human-led insights.”

By understanding content, ICE facilitates improved content lifecycle management and efficient resource utilization. It works autonomously, going beyond media asset management to address the challenge of increasing data volume and the complexity of digital media assets. In doing so it empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their media assets, enhance collaboration, and accelerate content creation and distribution.

“ICE represents a transformative improvement over traditional approaches to content management and retrieval,” commented Jason Perr, CTO, M&E Solutions, Perifery. “By leveraging AI agents and advanced machine learning models across a wide variety of media content types, it empowers users to have intuitive interactions with media storage by using natural language requests. In effect, users can now speak directly with their content to achieve the next evolution of media content management and finally go beyond metadata.”

About Perifery™, a Division of DataCore 

Perifery™, a division of DataCore, leads the charge in offering innovative archive and workflow solutions for evolving media and entertainment organizations. Widely adopted by media and entertainment enterprises globally, Perifery leads the industry with its innovative archive and workflow solutions for rapid, secure, and scalable solutions that streamline the preservation, protection, and monetization of digital assets. By harnessing cutting-edge AI workflow tools, Perifery empowers leading media and entertainment companies to transcend traditional boundaries, accelerating their journey from core infrastructure to the edge and cloud. Our transformative solutions redefine the optimal utilization of storage resources, facilitating significant business growth and evolution. For further insights, visit

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