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Providing a Platform

VueTech News talks to AV over IP trailblazers Audinate

Now with over 50 OEM’s licensed, developing and delivering Dante enabled video products (add that to the 600+ OEMs delivering audio products) the family of Dante networked audio and video solutions continues to grow rapidly.   In fact, 2023 saw Audinate hit the impressive milestone of shipping over 1 million units, and with this endorsement from the market, the company is also delivering on ambitious plans to expand their control and management options as well.

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AV over IP will, undoubtedly, be a point of discussion for many at MPTS – in the seminar theatres and on the show floor, but what are the benefits and real-world challenges for end users – and perhaps more importantly, how are the solutions currently available addressing them? With a choice of protocols and products to choose from, how do you choose the right solution for your AV over IP project?  With these questions in mind, we’ve asked Audinate to walk us through the focus of Dante AV Ultra, and outline the future plans for Dante.

Summary of benefits of AV over IP.  For AV over IP systems in general, the obvious benefits are that they are easy to install and just as easy to extend or scale up, they are not limited by physical ports on switches and can accommodate a large number of devices (endpoints) over a greater distance.  As AV over IP often utilises the existing network infrastructure, minimal costs are involved in moving to AV over IP or expanding at a later date.  Importantly, an AV over IP system can be managed securely and remotely with the creation of zones and authorisation tools. Point-to-point technologies are inherently less flexible than the network, requiring additional hardware devices to send to multiple locations. With the network, multicast makes that possible with a click of a button.  While SDI and Cat 6 cable both have a distance limitation of 100m, IP networks with multiple switches or fiber runs extends this significantly further.

VueTech News talks to AV over IP trailblazers Audinate
VueTech News talks to AV over IP trailblazers Audinate

Achieving true synchronized audio and video.  Audio and video are difficult to keep synchronized, and manual operations are often required to maintain lip-sync to endpoints. Dante AV Ultra uses a single network clock for both audio and video, providing deterministic latency for all video and audio, which means that it’s easy to keep audio and video in perfect sync.

Imperceptible latency between presenters or performers and screens. In-room video distribution requires lower latency than many compressed networked video solutions provide. Dante AV Ultra delivers sub frame latency that looks and feels natural for audience members with no awkward delay between live action and visual reinforcement.

Visually lossless video. 4K60 4:4:4 video encoding and decoding for applications that demand visually lossless video quality and ultra-low latency means you can use Dante AV Ultra for IMAG, sending artifact free images to stages and confidence monitoring in near real time.

Interoperability!  You can send audio to any of the thousands of Dante-enabled devices available today while sending video and control to any number of Dante AV Ultra endpoints.  

Sending audio and video streams to separate locations.  In legacy and other video systems, audio and video are often linked as they are delivered to endpoints. In order to send audio to locations other than a video monitor, expensive matrix switches or embedders/disembedders are required.  Dante AV Ultra delivers audio and video as separate, synchronized streams so, audio and video may be sent to different locations no demuxing required. 

Finding a 4K video distribution solution that doesn’t require new network infrastructure beyond 1Gbps.  Dante AV Ultra works anywhere that Dante Audio over IP works on standard 1Gbps networks. With no need for new network infrastructure, Dante AV works with readily available, cost-effective gear so there’s no need for complex and expensive specialty switches supporting higher bandwidths.

Keeping the network secure.  With Dante management solutions such as Dante Domain Manager or Dante Director, control is simplified through a single interface with secure user access control, active monitoring, and remote access to simplify system maintenance and support.

The future roadmap for Audinate

The plan for Audinate is certainly to continue to add complimentary elements to the Dante AV over IP platform, in turn bringing more value, service and capability to Dante networks.  New cloud-based offerings such as Dante Connect delivering synchronized audio from ground to cloud for broadcast products and Dante Director for control and remote management underpin the strategy to provide that comprehensive, interoperable AV over IP solution for customers.   Dante – One Connection. Endless Possibilities. (