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Bainet Group Deploys LiveU EcoSystem Field Units to Dramatically Increase its Live News Content Capabilities

Bainet Group Deploys LiveU – VueTech News



Bainet Group Deploys LiveU

Bainet Group Deploys LiveUThe multifaceted Spain-based production house is reaping the mobility and flexibility benefits of LiveU’s portable units

Bainet Group Deploys LiveU

Hackensack, NJ, March 12th, 2024 Spain-based Bainet Group, which has over three decades of content production experience across TV, cinema, advertising and online, has turned to LiveU to forever change the way it captures live content. The company has deployed 20 portable units from LiveU’s IP-video EcoSystem to bring breaking news and related stories to broadcasters and viewers as quickly and dynamically as possible.

Established in 1992, the company has developed an enviable reputation for pushing at technological boundaries to consistently improve its level of service to its customers. These start at the regional TV level in Spain – RTVCE, EITB and RTCM to name three – and continues at the national level with broadcasters including A3 and LA SEXTA. The company also has an extensive roster of international production company and enterprise clients.

Sebastian Diaz, General Manager of Bainet Group in Madrid, said, “Before we turned to LiveU, we struggled to produce live content, particularly in a dynamic and timely way. Using its field units, we have massively increased our live output, especially across news. We have gone from being able to handle one live event per day to up to 20, which is means more than 7,000 live events per year.”

Diaz singles out the reliability and stability of the technology as being especially important to its news production services, either live or for content gathering and transport back to broadcasters. “The biggest advantage for us, too, is the mobility the LiveU backpack technology provides. We now have easy access to locations – and therefore live stories – where we simply couldn’t go before. We would have had to take a DSNG truck, find somewhere to park, pull a lot of cables, ensure and monitor satellite connectivity, have a generator and so on. In short, it was a major impediment, really limiting what we could do. With LiveU, in an instant those issues have disappeared. We can put ourselves wherever we need to be and transport event signals from any location.”

He also highlights another important aspect with the technology able to capture stories even in extreme situations, such as conflicts and natural disasters, to bring challenging content from these to audiences around the world. “The signal stability, and the associated MCR monitoring, are at a very high level. Then there’s the cost effectiveness compared to DSNGs, backed up very high-quality service from LiveU staff. I am very satisfied both on a technical level that provides everything we need to supply content to broadcasters, as well as personalized technical assistance and support from the local team,” said Diaz.

Laura Llames, Country Manager South Europe, LiveU, said, “Spain is a continually expanding market for LiveU with an ever-increasing number of production companies, broadcasters and right holders recognizing the industry transformation we’re pioneering. The way Bainet Group has been able to expand its live content acquisition across news is very exciting to see and is a clear example of the power of the LiveU EcoSystem for creating impactful content.”

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Developed by LiveU, LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) is the power behind all LiveU solutions, offering rock-solid reliability over cellular and other IP networks. The LRT™ protocol supports low latency, high resiliency video and audio transmission and was built from the ground up to accommodate the special properties of 4G/5G cellular as well as more traditional wireless and wired networks. LRT™ is optimized to support the bonding of multiple IP connections. Learn more:

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