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Dalet Expands Its Technology Ecosystem – New 3rd Party Integrations and Partnerships



Dalet Expands its Technology Ecosystem
Image: Dalet

New Dalet Flex and Dalet Galaxy five enhancements are among 300-plus active integrations giving users maximum flexibility for on-premises, hybrid and cloud-based media logistics, workflow orchestration and content production

Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, is responding to the increasing flexibility needs of content producers and distributors, offering customers greater choice when it comes to cloud providers, advanced remote editing and archive options with expanded support for Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Microsoft® Azure, and Spectra® BlackPearl RioBroker.

Shifts in the global workplace over the past two years have led to more geographically dispersed remote employees that still need to connect to headquarters, colleagues, partners and customers worldwide. To achieve the flexibility needed to serve the new remote workforce, content-focused organizations are prioritizing system interoperability. They are turning to open solutions like Dalet FlexDalet Galaxy five and Dalet AmberFin that offer easy integration, to create extensible remote workflows that can be customized with best of breed solutions from developers like Adobe, Microsoft and Spectra Logic.

“Dalet has always encouraged our customers and partners to leverage our rich set of APIs to expand their content supply chains while protecting existing investments,” said Bea Alonso, Chief Market Officer at Dalet. “Our goal is to help companies grow for sustained success at their own pace, building long-term relationships and real partnerships with our customers.”

Cloud-based infrastructures and services are becoming more practical for content access, storage and asset management. However, many organizations prefer the flexibility of multi-cloud platforms for optimal levels of security, performance and reliability, as well as business continuity and system redundancy.

Bea adds, “The company will continue to explore integrations with providers of complementary solutions, especially cloud infrastructures and services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and most recently, Alibaba Cloud – to strengthen its position as a true multi-cloud support vendor. Dalet Flex was one of the earliest cloud content supply chain solutions, and works seamlessly with these four different cloud infrastructure vendors.”

The newest integrations include:

  • Extended Adobe Premiere Pro integrations for Dalet Flex and Dalet Galaxy five to support a wider set of editing scenarios, especially remote editing. FlexXTEND, the Dalet Flex panel integrated within Adobe Premiere Pro now includes the ability to collaborate, store and archive Adobe Premiere Pro projects for centralized management.
  • Dalet Galaxy xCloud on Microsoft Azure to support cloud-based radio production workflows and extend Dalet Galaxy xCloud to a wider range of customers.
  • Dalet Flex and Dalet Galaxy five with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl RioBroker Archive to enhance existing workflow orchestration with expanded archive management capabilities.
  • Other recent Dalet integrations include Dalet Flex with Online Video Platform provider Kinow, Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service with InSync FrameFormer and increased device support for Dalet OnePlay including Telemetrics Robotics and Avid Maestro.

Open for Integration

Today, Dalet offers more than 300 active integrations across its product range, covering every customer requirement from third-party integrations, cloud services and more. Its systems are designed for seamless third-party compatibility, allowing customers, system integrators and other manufacturers to add new capabilities through open application programming interfaces (APIs), including B2B and B2C REST APIs in Dalet Flex, and software development kits. Dalet APIs for Dalet FlexDalet Media CortexDalet AmberFin and Dalet Galaxy five are all public and available through your Dalet representative.

The same open integration approach is applied to Dalet’s new offerings, such as Dalet Pyramid, the next-generation Unified News Operations solution from Dalet. To learn more about Dalet’s open ecosystem of integrations and partnerships, visit

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