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Live Visual Radio Made Easy: Broadcast Bionics Unveils ConTEXT for Streamlined Graphics Production at MPTS 2024



Broadcast Bionics MPTS 2024

Solving the graphics challenge for live visual radio

For years, radio has dabbled in visualisation. From Chris Evans’ simulcast on Sky One in the 90s (and Nicky Campbell more recently on BBC daytime TV) to highlights from the day’s breakfast shows dropping into social media feeds.

Radio visualisation is not a new idea — the difference now is that it’s expected.

This increasing demand for visual content presents a new set of challenges for already stretched radio production teams. Understanding the kit required, as well as camera positioning and lighting, is one thing (and there are some great consultants who can help with this). But how do existing teams produce live visual content with dynamic graphics, without a TV gallery or a TV-sized team? The answer is found in streamlining workflows and building an integrated solution, designed just for radio.

Broadcast Bionics has been on the visualisation journey from the beginning. Its BionicDirector system is widely used throughout local and national radio, and CameraOne offers a cost-effective route into visualisation for smaller stations, podcasters, and standalone setups. These automatic camera switching solutions allow radio stations to record or livestream shows at the touch of a button. For some stations, this is enough. The show goes out, then a producer selects the best bits to publish later online. But what about live visualised radio where there is no edit option? Can radio stations realistically generate news-style rolling TV graphics for their live streams? With ConTEXT they can.

ConTEXT is a dynamic, data-driven graphics extension that works alongside BionicDirector and vMix. Director handles intelligent camera switching, recording, and streaming, while ConTEXT provides graphics management through a customisable browser interface.

From ingesting RSS data and displaying live caller information to changing layouts and controlling studio branding, the ConTEXT interface can be configured to control all visual elements. Live operation is simple, allowing producers to select from predefined options to deliver a polished production. ConTEXT also presents monetisation opportunities by enabling on-screen sponsorships both in-studio and online.

ConTEXT allows you to create the graphics control you need. Find out more at

Discover ConTEXT and other audience engagement solutions at the Broadcast Bionics stand (N42) at MPTS 2024.