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Mo-Sys Brings Unique Advanced Motion Capture Technology to NAB 2024



Mo-Sys Mo-Captury

Booth C5529, NAB Show, Las Vegas 14-17 April 2024 – Mo-Sys Engineering (, a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions, is showcasing its brand new Mo-Captury product on booth C5529 at NAB 2024. Unveiled ahead of the show, Mo-Captury is revolutionary as anyone can step in to get tracked and interact with the virtual world. It provides a transparent avatar over an individual, interacting with the virtual world, and for the first time, without the need for suits. As well as benefiting the broadcasting and film industry, it opens up new possibilities for commercial presentations.  

A close collaboration between Mo-Sys and Dari Motion, Mo-Captury enables superior integration and specific features for virtual production applications. Mo-Captury is a truly unique product that allows users to track fingers and facial expressions without the use of suits, which allows for instant calibration. Users can seamlessly blend real-world actions with stunning AR graphics, creating content that captivates viewers. 

“We can finally ditch the suit in what is a true revolution of motion capture for film production, broadcast as well as corporate and education,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “By completely eliminating the need for traditional mocap suits, gloves, and markers we are setting a new benchmark in accessibility and ease of use, while tracking even detailed finger movements and facial expressions with incredible accuracy. We also promise a robust virtual production roadmap the help protect your investment and ensure you stay ahead of the curve.” 

Mo-Captury is scalable and was built on an “outside-in” approach: a series of set-and-forget cameras are positioned around the perimeter of the performance area. Once installed, Mo-Captury allows for near instant talent calibration, maximizing valuable studio time and unlocking unparalleled creative freedom. It integrates with StarTracker Max and VP Pro to support the creative endeavors of the film, broadcast, corporate and education markets.   Educators are set to benefit from a lifetime license, and all customers will have access to Mo-Sys’ ongoing support to ensure a smooth experience. Mo-Captury comes as a complete package, including hardware, software, mounting accessories, and dedicated support.  

At NAB 2024, visitors to the Mo-Sys stand can also enjoy a full program of keynote presentations, demonstrations and training supported by a selection of Mo-Sys technology, including: the StarTracker MAX optical camera tracking system; the VP Pro XR dedicated cinematic XR Server; the U50 remote head; the L40 and B20 remote heads; the TimeCam remote robotics control workflow solution and the G30 gyro-stabilized heavy-duty camera head.