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Mo-Sys to Showcase MoCaptury at MPTS 2024



Mo-Sys to Showcase Mo-Captury at MPTS 2024

Booth J42, MPTS, London 15-16 May 2024 – Mo-Sys Engineering (, a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions, will be demonstrating Mo-Captury, its innovative markerless mo-cap solution and introducing the latest updates from the Mo-Sys Academy on booth J42 at MPTS.

Unveiled at NAB Show 2024, Mo-Captury is a revolutionary markerless motion capture solution that allows anyone to step in and get tracked, interacting with the virtual world. It provides a transparent avatar over an individual, interacting with the virtual world, for the first time, without the need for cumbersome suits. This opens up new possibilities not just for the broadcasting and film industry, but also for commercial presentations.

Developed in close collaboration with Dari Motion, Mo-Captury offers superior integration and specific features for virtual production applications. This truly unique product allows users to track fingers and facial expressions without suits, enabling instant calibration. Users can seamlessly blend real-world actions with stunning AR graphics, creating content that captivates viewers.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see Mo-Sys’ StarTracker Max in action. Widely recognised as the most accurate camera tracking solution for virtual production, StarTracker enables creatives to seamlessly blend the real-world foreground with unreal virtual scenes, both in green screen and LED virtual studios.

Finally, Mo-Sys will demo the latest edition of its content server solution, VP Pro 5.4.0. Announced within 24 hours of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5.4 release, this update demonstrates Mo-Sys’ commitment to ensuring clients have access to the very latest VP tools.

Join Mo-Sys Engineering at Booth J42, MPTS, London on 15-16 May 2024 to experience the future of virtual production.

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